Nutrition Coaching

$250 - 1 month
$730 - 3 months
$1350 - 6 months
$2000 - 9 months

Clients will be provided with a customized diet, workout plan, supplement protocol, cardio schedule, and weekly check-ins. After your purchase, you will receive an email with a questionnaire and a secure request for progress pictures. After this process is complete, we will take 4 - 5 days to customize your plan.

Group Training - 3 or more clients

Hightower Fitness Training sessions provide an encouraging atmosphere to push yourself to new limits physically. All fitness levels are more than welcome to join an arranged session. We will customize the workout for you and the group.

Members & non-members are eligible for the following:

- $50 per client, and we also offer Partner training (2 clients). Grab a partner, and let's get started The Hightower Fitness training session for partners will target your fitness goals for the time that we share

- One on one sessions. One-on-one sessions are very beneficial to clients regardless of the point you are at in your physical journey. Clients will receive an hour session with our guidance. We will target your desired muscle group with our customized workout plan for the session.

Hightower Fitness Memberships:

$0 enrollment
$80 a month
- month to month with a 30-day cancellation

New Client Specials
12 one on one training sessions +1 month of nutrition coaching